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Originally Posted by robxc80 View Post
SAE's are available at the Petco in Ardmore.

Very good guy that is in charge of the fish section. He had some healthy GBR's and a pair of agassiz (Not the best genetic stock).

Also has a few beckfords pencil fish, a few Goyder River Rainbows, some BNP's for 2.99 and albino ones for 3.99.

i just picked up 4 SAE's and a Farlowella Cat for 5.99
Are you very familiar with SAE's? I only ask because they can be mislabeled flying fox. But if you've seen them in person then you know what they look like, which could be the case for you.

If they are true SAE, I'll be making the trip to ardmore tomorrow afternoon. How many did they have left? I have a school of 8 right now that are full grown but I would love to add juveniles to the mix to have once the adults start dying off from old age.

If you can snap a picture of the fish you got I would appreciate it.
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