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I guess it's time for another update. Here's the tank now:

I added some Dwarf Water Lettuce to deal with some high nitrates. I seemed to have used too much osmocote+ when starting up the tank so the Nitrates were jumping up to 80ppm. I added some DWL and all the excess nitrates seem to be gone, and now I have a nice thick cover of DWL (and some stray Frogbit). Also I used to have some anubias petite on the driftwood but for some reason, the rhizomes rotted away. Now there's only one left and I'm hoping it pulls through.

A top view of the tank. Can you spot the Frogbit?

I had a problem with some algae so I overdosed Metricide 14. The crypts completely melted but after 3 weeks since the last overdose, here are the crypts now.

Here's Azure chilling near the substrate. He tends to swim at all levels of the tank.

Other than that, I had an issue with some diatoms and some algae on the glass. A pair of otos took care of the algae and now the tank seems to be clean of most of the algae. And I don't have to worry about them getting enough to eat. The otos are constantly pooping while cleaning the glass and plants even though there is no more visible algae.

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