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Cool EOTD worry warts: Meet your God! LOL @ DIY Regulator

If you look up the definition of "a solution in search of a problem" it should link to this build!
EOTD stands for "end of tank dump" and a cheap regulator like mine is known to have major pressure swings as the cylinder runs out of CO2. By adding an additional 2 regulators in series, any pressure fluctuations will be eliminated. In reality, one additional regulator would be sufficient, but I'm a high-roller with a soft spot for prop comedy.

So here's my DIY 3 stage regulator.
Stage 1 is a cheap harbor freight inert gas regulator:
Stage 2 and 3 are both hardware store inline compressed air regulators

Gauge 2 is: 0-60PSI Mcmaster-carr P/N 3846K14
Gauge 3 and 4 are 0-30PSI Mcmaster-carr P/N 3846K12

The gradient on this regulator train is:

This was during the build . . . It looks strangely like something you'd find at a 'crack house'. . . I can quit planted tanks anytime, it's under control, I swear!!

All hail the 20lb aluminum CO2 tank of glory! I've been running this bad-boy for over a year now on a single fill.

Here was when I just set it up; Note the corrected pressures. I found out my diffuser needs about 10PSI to work right.

Go ahead and laugh, I found this whole build quite amusing!
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