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Originally Posted by Chlorophile View Post
Interesting, so like an LCD screen then?

What benefits are there to Center Spot Metering?
I will be putting a section in about how to use auto-focus or manual focus and get the results you want, and using the light meter in your viewfinder and the benefits or reasons behind using Center Metering would be good info to have.
I'm not highly confident that I know the real benefits - however I do have mine set to center metering just so that I can point the center on some sort of neutral green in the tank and balance my light meter based on that.

In black and white photography I learned that your light meter only sees the color grey - and no matter what it is looking at it assumes the exposure is correct when whatever you are pointing at is the same tone as 18% grey.
That might not be completely correct, but thats how I remember it and is roughly correct =]
I think it more or less is like the lcd screen. The advantage to it though is the contact points it gives you for stability.

I use center because I just feel it's more accurate. The other settings combine to much information and give an average so if you have one spike or one dark area that is in a place that isn't really going to be part of the final it throws off the metering. Averaging does just that. It averages out all of the available light and makes a decision. Center weighted takes into account the entire frame but puts more emphasis on what is in the center of the frame. I shoot manual so I take the reading on my subject and set it as a starting point. Then I generally move the camera to get the subject off center. Rule of thirds whenever possible. When not possible I like the subject just north of center. Your eye will tend to bring it down to center. It's an optical illusion but it works. An old throwback to Layout and Design class.

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