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Finally Dremeled out the back of the shelving unit and placed the stands:

You like that blur? Someone had a bit too much espresso.

As you can see, it's going to hold up nicely. Just need to cut the chain to size and we'll be good to go. That's as high as the arms extend but I'm sure I'll be fine on flexibility.

There's non-slip grippy stuff beneath each stand and each of those storage baskets is filled with heavy crap like fertilizer and cans of paint.

Also put some grippy shelf liner beneath the tank.

Received my final bag of Azoo Plant Grower Bed and a bit of Marsilea minuta today so hope to get a rough scape going tonight. Anubias, C. parva, Marsilea minuta, bit of fissidens or other moss behind the rocks. May hold out to see if Gordon gets Bacopa australis in this weekend before settling on a scape.

If anyone has thoughts on plants, feel free to chime in. Not settled on these and am open.

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