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Originally Posted by GDP View Post
Yeah I just did actually after reading your post above. I also, so far, prefer full manual. And ive found I cant leave my WB on auto as it makes everything far too color saturated. Right now I have it set to fluorescent which gives me a much cooler picture.
As I said in my post though I shoot raw+ so WB doesn't really matter in that case. If you're shooting jpeg remember that you are counting on the camera settings you've dialed in to process that photo for you. WB isn't the only thing that affects your jpeg. All of the settings do. WB will affect the color cast you see.

My preferred workflow is for the camera to capture the image only. I will process the final image myself in Photoshop. The + side of raw+ is also a jpeg image. I like having that also so that if I just need to shoot a shot via email I can just reduce the image size, do a quick crop and it's gone. Jpegs are also nice for snapshots I take of the son. If I find a shot that really moves me I process the raw file. Otherwise it's into the wife's album. If I'm doing a location shoot (like when I tore the shoulder apart) I use the jpeg for a quick reference and then process the raw files.

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