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Originally Posted by GDP View Post
Great guide. I just got my first DSLR (canon eos 400d) a few days ago and am trying to figure out how the balance all 3 myself right now. I think I got my macro settings down goodish. 100 ISO, F10 f-stop, 1/60 shutter speed, and using my florecent light WB. I found this produces the least amount of wash out for me and my current kit lens.

This is really an in-depth hobby/field.
Increase your ISO to 400. Try to get the shutter speed to at least 125. You could also use shutter priority and let it set the aperture for you however I prefer full on manual. Increasing the shutter speed will stop the fish a little better and reduce camera movement. ISO 400 is a good all around setting. 200 a little better of course. 100 usually leads to too slow a shutter. IMEO

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