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Originally Posted by aweeby View Post
Love the bird. I think it'd be pretty neat if you went a little closer to the base to take this pic. It feels like you can't make up your mind between the 'i'm-an-insignificant-human-effect' and the classic horizon shot. But very cool. here's mine. shoot em up.

a friend of mine

aaand a gecko.
Thanks, I have photos from closer and from further away, but they are all either too generic, or lacking detail. Any closer and then you can't tell what you are looking at, the angle of the camera has to be too steep to get anything good in the shot, any further away and you either get too much sky, too much of the top of the tower, and too much of the field and tourists.

The gecko is cute!
And I wan't to eat that pear, badly. Does the desk say I am chuck?

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