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55 gallon acrylic dirt tank (new pics 3/8/2012)

Well I'm starting on my TruVu 55 gallon acrylic aquarium tomorrow, and the first thing will be reinforcing the stand with 2x4's. Then I can get started on setting up the tank....

Equipment list

Filtration - 1xEheim 2213 canister filter, and 1xMagnum 350 canister filter.

Heating - 200w Ebo-Jag submersible heater (will be replace with ViaAqua 300w Titanium Heater w/ remote LCD display).

Lighting - Aqueon T5NO 2x6700k 39w bulbs raised 4" above the tank (will be replaced with T5HO dual outlet cords 4x54w bulbs 1x5000k, 1x6700k, 1x8000k,1x10000k). Lighting schedule will be 9:30am-4:30pm - 9:30am will consist of 5000k+6700k, 2 hrs between 12pm-2pm will be light burst w/ all 4 bulbs, at 2pm the am lights will shut off leaving the 8000k+10000k bulbs til 4:30pm. T5HO system will be raised 8" above the tank.

Circulation - SunSun 800gph circulation pump.

Co2 - DIY 2ltr. setup w/ DIY reactor hooked up to a powerhead (will be replaced with injection system next month w/ DIY inline Co2 reactor similar to AquaMedic 1000).

Substrate - 2" Topsoil enriched w/ pure laterite, and kitty litter, capped w/ 1" play sand.

EI Dosing Schedule

Mon-Weds-Fri - 1/2 Tsp-KN03 + 1/8 Tsp KH2P04
Tues-Thurs-Sat - 1/8Tsp Trace + Fe Iron + CSM+B
Sun - 40% water change + 3/4 Tsp-GH booster after water change

I'll take some pictures through out the day tomorrow, and get them posted after the tank is up and running.

As for plants, here's what I have sitting in my rimless 6 gallon fluval edge.

15 - Dwarf Sag.
10 - Italian Val.
8 - Cryptos.
8 - Stalks of Rotala Magenta
4 - Stalks of Wisteria (stalks are thick and healthy)
6 - Stalks of Ludwigia ovalis
6 - Stalks of Limnophila hippuroides
8 - Stalks of Anacharis
2 - Anubias Nana

I plan on getting a few Jungle Vals, 3-4 Amazon Swords, and a few others....

45g Long - High Light Planted Tank / 30g - Plant Grow Out Tank / 100g Tank - currently resealing

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