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My nano currently has an pygmy chain sword lawn on the left and right side of the 5.5 gallon. I have a mountain shaped driftwood that goes to the surface of the water in the center with a java fern in the center on it. i have compacta sword in the back right corner. all these planted grow only to half the height of my tank except for the java fern in the center. i would really like to see my tank entirely green. are there any floating plants that can fill in the gaps in the left side and the right side? i don't want anything that will block out the light. i have about 8 watts per gallon, but the tannins are really bad, so it looks more like a 10 gallon with 15 watts off lighting. im doing daily water changes right now. i don't think i will be adding these floating fill-up gap plants until i get crystal clear color instead of this mud water. so any ideas? hope my post isn't too confusing. its hard to describe what im tryign to say.
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