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Originally Posted by cblwry View Post
Hey Jakub! It was good to finally meet you and see the new store. The place looks great, I was impressed with the selection of both plants and fish. I know Saturday was very busy so I am glad we had a chance to chat on Sunday. The fish and plants made the 4 hour trip home just fine and are now exploring their new homes. This gives me new incentive to get my bigger tank up and running and I will let you know when to order those Long Finned Zebra's. The store will be on my list of visits anytime I make it to Atlanta.
I'm very glad they all made it ok! Bigger is always better! *grin* Hopefully next time you come in we will have the store closer to being finished. It's a big work in progress but I think it's been coming along nicely. Once again I'm really glad both you and the fishes made it home safely =)

Originally Posted by nalu86 View Post
The store looks awesome

And those 2 Black mollys, they are a hit, putted them in the 125 yesterday, in the first second they were grazing on the algae already.

Thanks Nalu. Coming from you that means alot since you weren't too fond with the condition of the last store haha. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Discus day!! I'm getting my first Discus Hans order in finally. I'm excited to say the least! Oh and in case you were wondering the systems are doing great now. We added big micron filters on my systems and they are making a huge difference. The tanks are pretty much crystal clear now and no signs of anything funky on any of my fish =)

Here is a little video update from the other week on my little ones...

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