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2.5g OEBT Adventure

3/25 Update


So these were the shrimp that got me into the hobby, and after owning CRS for a few months I decided to buy some and see how they did...well. They are TINY, all seven of them.

I wasn't expecting them to be that small so for now they are staying in this little breeder box that I stuffed with plants for them. So far I've been siphoning it (with an eyedropper ) every water change to keep it nice and clean. I also crush a snail to feed them every couple days and I already found a few molts in the tank.

But over the weekend I went to Petco and bought a nice little 2.5g tank that is going to house them when they are a bit bigger, and then maybe an upgrade to a 10 or 20 if they start doing really well.
The start, Sunday

Driftwood and dirt added

Then onto the plants

And then filled with water

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