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DK is smacking her forehead and laughing her (squirrely) brains out at herself, right now.

Aquavac v.2.0 taught her a few lessons. She's now working on v.3.0. She has it mostly done, but... of course, needs a couple fittings.

More on that later, after she gets the fittings.


In the process of digging through her bins and barrels of parts and pieces, and extended to her hoarder drawers, she ran across this. It is her absolute favorite puzzle.

She once presented this puzzle to a CEO during a job interview (OK, so it was a small, start-up company, not like a major corporation), and not only got the job but commanded a hefty raise in the initial salary, because he could NOT figure it out, and DK wouldn't tell him the answer until she got what she asked for. (It pays to understand human nature; the VP of the technical arm of the company was also in on that interview and got presented the puzzle at the same time; the CEO was afraid the VP would figure it out first then give him **** about it forever. DK was astute enough to recognize ego at work; and let the ego work for her and her bank account. When the CEO later called her in for a "secondary" interview, without the VP, she knew the scoop, and made her move...)

The object of the puzzle is to balance all the loose nails onto the stationary nail, using only what's shown in the picture.

HINT #1: The only nail to touch the wood is the stationary nail.

I will give additional hints every so often, stay tuned. I will entertain questions, and give the answer after a while. If you figure it out, please give some time or do not give the solution until folks have some time to work on it!

DK dares ya. Work those brains.

It took DK about a day and a half, and getting into some serious alpha waves, to get it. The fastest person to figure it out for her was a super mensa PhD engineer, who figured it out in one day, after thinking on it overnight (probably also achieving alpha waves).


I wanna be like this guy. "If you're not doing something different... you're not doing anything at all.... I like to make things; I like to make smart beautiful things..." (Data scientist carves out new life as sculptor.)


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