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Originally Posted by sendthis View Post
Just remember though, even with LEDs from the same manufacturer with the same exact specs aren't PEFERCTLY matched. If it's a constant voltage driver and you wire in parallel, each branch can still have different currents. So there's a chance that if you're running 2A through the entire setup and you need 1A to each branch, that it's possible that 1A++ can go through one branch and the rest goes to the other. So one might be slightly overdriven and one slightly underdriven. This probably won't be an issue, but with operational stresses and temperature changes, it could effect it. .
sorry but this doesn't apply with DC and constant voltage.

DC circuits only draw the amps it requires if you match voltage.

Saying u cant tie up 1 parallel 3V LED with a 12V led, unless u serial 4x3V = 12V.
You need to keep the voltage on each parallel array the same...

If you have 2 different arrays strung up in parallel.. one array draws 3A... and the other draws 2A... the psu will output a total of 5A, where 3A will go to the 3A portion and 2A will goto the 2A portion.
Again this is looking at constant Voltage.

constant current doesnt work like that, because of the nature of LED's themselves.... LED's can variate Voltage yet the driver forces constant current though them.

Hence why Constant current does run a tad bit cooler then constant voltage.
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