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Johnson18's 20L- New Apisto Pair!

This tank has changed a ton since this first post. Check it out a couple pages in, latest reboot was in Dec. 2016, around page 20!

Here's the current tank stocking as of 4/1/2017
2(1m/1f) x F1 Apistogramma erythrura
4 x Corydoras sterbai
13 x Nannostomus marginatus- Dwarf Pencilfish
6(I think?) x Caridina multidentata - Amano Shrimp
3(1m/2f) x Aphyosemion australe
Cap Esterias BSWG 97/24 - Lyretail Killifish

Current tank specs(4/2017):
Tank: 20 gallon long
Light: 36" BuildMyLED XB custom spectrum with adjustment dial
Filter: Eheim 2215 & two dual sponge filters
Heater: idk it's big.
Substrate: MGOCPM(5/2014) mixed with Flourite Black Onyx Sand to add higher CEC & capped with black diamond blasting sand

[Original first post from 2012]

So I figured it was about time to start a journal! Since I built a new tank today, I will start fresh! This is the third planted tank I've got running in my house. This 20 long was purchased along with another 20L to be a shrimp tank.... well I purchased a plant package from Crispino Ramos and realized I didn't have enough room in my other two tanks for all the plants. That is about the time this tank sprung to life!

So I suppose I will start with some specs!

Tank: 20 Gallon Long 30"L x 13"W x 12"H

Light: Coral Life T5HO Dual lamp. 10,000K & Actinic (eventually change to 6700K if I keep the tank set up this way.)

Substrate: 15# of Flourite Black Onyx Sand w/about 15-20lbs of Black Diamond Blasting Sand on top.

HOB filter that I had left over from a different project, rated for 30 gallons.

DIY CO2: 2L soda bottle run to a 32oz overflow bottle then run into the HOB filter intake.

Now for some plants! Here is what I've got!

Ludwigia sp Red hybrid - 5 stems

Syngonanthus sp Belem - 5 stems

Ludwigia palustris - 10 stems

Blyxa alternifolia - 5 stems

Rotala indica or Ammania sp Bonsai - 5 stems

Hydrothrix gardneri - 5 stems

Staurogyne repens Tropica 049G - 6 stems

Ludwigia brevipes - 10 stems

Ludwigia inclinata var verticillata Cuba - 3 stems

Pogostemon stellatus Narrow Leaf - 5 stems

Bacopa sp Salzmannii - 5 stems

Persicaria/Polygonum sp Porto Velho - 5 stems

Persicaria/Polygonum sp Sao Paolo - 3 stems

Limnophila aromatica - 3 stems

Poaceae sp Purple Bamboo - 3 stems

Hygrophila sp Tiger - 10 stems

Rotala rotundifolia - 10 stems

Heteranthera zosterifolia - 20 stems

Will be updated with pics soon!

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