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Originally Posted by hcker2000 View Post
You would think some one would be importing the 10 Watts and selling/shipping them from in the USA. I have not heard much about the bridgelux's got any seller links here in the USA?
On eBay, there is one guy selling them for about $10.

You can get the Bridgelux at

Originally Posted by Naekuh View Post

if its a constant current driver, you wire them up in a series.

if its a constant voltage driver, you wire them up in paralell.

Just remember though, even with LEDs from the same manufacturer with the same exact specs aren't PEFERCTLY matched. If it's a constant voltage driver and you wire in parallel, each branch can still have different currents. So there's a chance that if you're running 2A through the entire setup and you need 1A to each branch, that it's possible that 1A++ can go through one branch and the rest goes to the other. So one might be slightly overdriven and one slightly underdriven. This probably won't be an issue, but with operational stresses and temperature changes, it could effect it.

Running a series resistor PER branch helps.

The plus side to running them in parallel though is that if one branch breaks, it doesn't kill your entire light.

I'm currently going to run two 10W LEDs in series for my 10G setup, but when I build my 75G setup, I am going to run my white and reds off two different drivers. Each set will use constant current mirrors (basically, it maintains the same current in each LED given a reference - so I can set it for 500 mA and they'll ALL have 500 mA going through them).
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