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Originally Posted by RandomMan View Post
For someone who is new at this, mind if I ask some stupid questions?

Is this what one would need to buy to get this working:
- Driver
- Heat sync (required?)

Then you just solder the LED to the driver wires, and run the AC into your nearest wall receptacle? Anything else required?

If doing multiple LED's, instead of running 1 x 10W driver per LED, could you just wire them in series (or parallel) and run them back to a single larger driver. So, say 2 10w LED's to 1 20W driver?
depends on the driver...

if its a constant current driver, you wire them up in a series.
if its a constant voltage driver, you wire them up in paralell.

Constant current will tend to have a variable voltage which changes on fly but holds current constant.

Constant voltage psu's, the good regulated ones will hold voltage steady, but can change current on the fly... nature of led's
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