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Thanks for your thoughts (seriously) on the negative space. That's kind of what I'm shooting for so I have a lot of ground for shrimp observation. Really excited to have a tank that won't be overly planted.

Filtration: Eheim Ecco 2232/Easy 35. Making a 30"-32" spray bar to run across the back of the tank. Made one for a 20L that was about 28" long and it worked perfectly with the filter. Also crafted an intake from rigid tubing that's capped with a stainless steel shrimp strainer (or a sponge, if I get tired of the steel).

Gonna run a powerhead - Hydor Koralia Nano 240 to assist with any dead flow spots.

Likely sending you a PM because some 'U' tubes that I could use to connect hose with pipes would be awesome.
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