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I happen to repair couple systems with Inventornics drivers and of course ones with the Meanwell drivers as well.

My first impression is that the Inventronics is built very American-that's rugged but ugly-but, who cares if they are all hidden. The next feeling is that it is very easy to work with BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO CHOICES-you can only hook it up one way, no adjustment of any kind. So for beginners who have no idea in LED or ANY electronics, this driver is for them. If you have some electronic experience the Meanwells give you versatility. The Meanwells are sturdy enough too to sustain a fall but if you want to throw them at someone you wanna to kill, looks like Inventronics is better at that being heavier and a more rigid case. Unfortunately, the easy feeling to work with does not last very long when my local hobbyists bought dimmer kits of some sought and they cannot control the Inventronics down to 0%. At about 30%, the phantom voltage issue kicks in. Of course, you can get better dimmers than the ones the client bought in(I did not recall what brand-I kind of remember it's some DIY aquarium LED company.) The phantom voltage issue also happens with the Meanwells once a while but not as apparent. I think all thru four year of using and servicing system with Meanwells I have seen this happens only once or twice besides users error.

As for durability, I don't have enough run time experience to tell whether the Inventronics is durable or not. As far as Meanwells go, I would say acceptable.
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