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Originally Posted by DaTrueDave View Post

Rinsing any of the flavors of Flourite is just throwing money away by getting rid of the most valuable part of the substrate. Plant roots love those fine particles.

The "secret" is to add the Flourite to an empty tank and then to fill the tank without disturbing the substrate. I don't care how dusty your bag of Flourite is, you're not going to have cloudy water the next day after letting your filter run and letting things settle...
I have yet to read a review - previous to this one - that recommends anything other than a thorough rinse of Flourite substrate before using it in a tank, including recommendations from those who did not do so.

I'm not sure how the fine particles of Flourite are any more functional than the larger ones (the CEC rating applies to any sized particles) when it comes to utilization by plant roots.

While Dave's experience is certainly respectable, I suggest you do some searches on others' experiences with Flourite as well.

As for me, I've used original Flourite in one tank, which I didn't rinse, and had to clean my filter daily for two weeks to clear, to another tank with original Flourite, which i did rinse, and had a clear tank in 3 days without cleaning media, to two tanks with Black Sand Flourite, both of which I rinsed thoroughly, and had clear tanks within days without cleaning media. In any case, good luck!
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