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Originally Posted by Milad View Post
2) Meanwell arent "sold out" they are going the way of the doodo bird (sp?) They are old technolgoy and really arent designed for the LEDs you see out by CREE. You should look at Inventroincs Extremly high quality, dust proof, water proff (IP66 and IP67)
With the meanwells you mentioned, you have to actually open them up, tweak the internal settings so you dont blow the LEDs when you first plug it in. Sometime they come at 1.7A which will mess up any XP or XT LED and even XPG
Don't want to rain on your pitch too hard, but I'm not really seeing what makes the inventronics so special, other than you sell them and no-one else seems to? Meanwell makes IP66/67 rated stuff as well as the typical IP65 of the ELN series. You can hose down IP65 rated stuff, although I expect your real concern if you did so would be your power strip!

Not being able to adjust the current max separately from the dimming control is a minus in my opinion - unless you plan on running your emitters at the sometimes odd current setting of the inventronics drivers, you have to kludge something.

Inventronics drivers also don't seem to be anything special on the efficiency or power factor fronts either, and they don't really win on price to kick it all off.

I see your drivers do have a built-in 10v supply for the dimming circuit, that is certainly a nice bonus.. but it's honestly a pretty stiff price difference.

Not trying to be a dick, but what makes the inventronics so magically delicious?
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