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Tank: Marine Depot. $71.99 + $8 handling.

Fixture: I *think* I got it from Pet Mountain but it's been a minute. Was around a hundred bucks. Available from Ken's, Pet Mountain, Foster & Smith, Big Al's, all over. I like to buy from forum sponsors when I can, though.

Just don't ask me how much I've already sunk into the whole setup because I don't want to think about that number. Head - desk.

It's about two inches taller than I wanted it to be but I won't complain. Great tank for cheap. Provides plenty of room for substrate and lots of surface area for shrimp.

Can't wait to see what I do with it, either. Kind of overwhelmed thinking about plant options, honestly. Normally know exactly what I'm going to do with a tank before I get it but have been debating this setup for literally months. Definitely over-thinking it. Just don't want it to be janky and hope it lives up to all the other tanks I've created.
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