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I tried many different layouts, but I started to realize there are only so many with the stones I have (mainly flat), so I ended up settling on one and wet the substrate. I had an order on plants coming so I needed to decide quick.

Used about 2L of treated water to moisten the aquasoil and prepare it for planting. No turning back now.

I ordered 2 tubs of Aquaflora HC and spent about 30 min separating it. I had a huge tupperware lid filled with it, then moved it over in batches to a smaller one lined with wet paper towel.

This was an absolutely gorgeous batch. It's from Aquaflora nurseries in BC, Canada. It's cell cultured, free of disease and snails. I contemplated ordering pincettes from ebay, but found these in my tool box. I had these from school from my electronics fabrication class. Just basic fine-tipped tweezers.

In the soil you go. After watching youtube videos on setting up different aquascapes, this was a lot of fun to experience first hand.

Here's how it sits now. The back left corner was left empty as I was intending on adding a background plant, something like DHG or rotalla. I ended up filling it with left over HC for the time being.

Let me know what you think. I'll be dry starting this for at least 2-3 weeks. There was a LOT of HC from the tubs and I was able to cover 90% of the substrate, so the length of time to form a carpet shouldn't be that long.
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