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Originally Posted by mordalphus View Post
You gonna use that hoof knife to carve the fat off of ribs?
bingo - the fat doesn't render off the same way, when you Sous Vide them, so I'll remove as much as possible before cooking. I did the first batch the other day, and the meat was quite tender, but now I'm working on just the right rub recipe, hopefully low glycemic.

Originally Posted by madness View Post
Please tell me that you are not going to use the same tool for BOTH purposes?
Well, if I did, then one of the purposes would be the intended purpose, which it's not. Whew. Otherwise, I'd have to lick it clean between uses (ewwwwwww!!)



Freshly delivered. More projects. A few more micro-bulkheads, and eight monga sized syringes, that DK had to get all the way from Hong Kong, to get cheap. Whee-hoo, she's ready to roll, now.

My other 12 pound box of project goodies tracks for delivery Monday. That box is hopefully gonna fix a problem I've had for a couple of years, now, and have been pondering how the heck to solve the problem (in an AUTOMATED way, that is).


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