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Water System in Action

Ok, finally got all the leaks stopped (knock on wood). Had the system up and running to make sure it was going to perform the way I wanted, so here are a few pictures.

Flow is pretty good - I had to add a rock on the left, as the water was going directly from the inflow to the overflow.

You get a little better sense of the movement from this top down - its coming in on the right, going out on the left, but has to move out to the front and around the end on the left to get to the overflow.

And here's a picture of the canister filter set-up on the back just to give you an idea of what I did. I'll be adding some shut off valves to the tubing when I tear down the tank to paint the back and I'll probably shorten the tubing up a bit as well. Anybody have thoughts on how short I want to go?

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