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Originally Posted by DrewWoodside View Post
I'm just wondering, does your Bolivian ever chase after one of the angels? I"m guessing probably not since it's a pair of angels and they are noticeably bigger. Just wondering. Mine does from time to time
Turns out the Bolivian ram is now dead. The angelfish beat him up pretty bad during one of their spawns, unfortunately I was unable to save him. To answer your question, no he never bothered them except if there was a wafer at the bottom he would chase them away from it.

Update on the tank....
Water Sprite is now spread in a line down the middle of the tank. The angelfish spawn every couple weeks. So far none of the babies have survived much beyond a week after becoming free swimming. I'm not trying to be a breeder so its not the end of the world.

Everything else is going as normal. Need to get some new pictures up.
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