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Anyone with biology knowledge: boiling or baking to kill Mycobacteria/Fish TB?

The short version of the story is that my fish are confirmed to be infected with Mycobacterium Marinum (aka "Fish TB") and I'm looking at a full-system teardown and nuke. For the tank and filter system, I'll be using a chemical warfare protocol (high-concentration bleach, then Lysol, then 70% isopropyl alcohol), but am afraid a chemical strategy would be damaging to decorations/lava rock/driftwood. Will heat work?

It seems to be an accepted procedure to sanitize driftwood by boiling or baking it, but I have not been able to find a reliable answer on if it'll work on Mycobacteria.

By Googling "heat kill mycobacterium" or "heat killed mycobacterium marinum" I can find a number of scholarly articles (example: The efficacy of the heat killing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis), but they primarily seem to focus either on heat-killing laboratory samples in a way that doesn't damage their DNA or "heat inactivation," where they aren't dead, but also aren't able to reproduce.

Either of the above answers would seem to imply that my heat strategy would be effective, but my biology knowledge is extremely limited and I need input from people who might actually know what they're talking about or at least have the background to properly interpret articles like the one above.

I've posted some of these questions in the thread detailing the full-saga of this problem (UPDATE: IT'S FISH TB. ...Help me diagnose this disease that's killing my fish), but I'm hoping that this thread will get some fresh input on the matter. Thanks!
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