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Originally Posted by KingPlakat View Post
Bill...excel with solve your BBA problem sort term and Siamese Algae Eaters will solve it long term. I've had my entire 75 gallon covered in BBA while I was away and my Dad had the lights on 24/7. I dosed excel and picked all the big clumps off my plants and the SAE took care of the rest for me.

Oh and if you ever need some plants, let me know and I can bag them up for you and have your wife pick them up. If she works in secane, then it would be no more than 10 minutes out of her way to come grab some plants before she head home.
i know sae's love bba, i had thought of them, but they also love to eat baby shrimpies too. and adults when they get bigger :-( i've been double dosing excel the past couple of days, now just have to play the waiting game.

i could normally deal with it and not get frustrated, but it has attacked 3 of my "gooder" crypts. they are REAL slow growers and are still juveniles. i don;t want to remove the leaves because on 2 of them, i would only have 1 leaf left, and that would be like starting again from the rhizome, and that sucks!!

and i have already been warning Satan (her pet name) that she might be spending some time being a courier. LOL she grumbled until i reminded her that she wants a tank and she's gonna need plants. and would she rather pay for hers? or just pick them out of my tanks? problem solved!!!LOL
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