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Originally Posted by GDP View Post
dun dun dun ....... foreshadowing perhaps?
Nothing is different except the name, it's not meant to indicate some big event...

Originally Posted by AlisaR View Post
Whaaaaa! You mean I didn't have to make a new account to change my username?
Originally Posted by kite949372 View Post
I asked KyleT about it not to long ago and was told they don't do name changes... Guess its time to ask again.
TPT has close to TWENTY THOUSAND registered users.

You would not believe the stuff that goes on behind the scenes to keep this site running, especially the squabbles that our patient mods and admin have to deal with on their free, unpaid time.

I had a basis for requesting a name change that I shared with the admin in my request letter; furthermore, I am a Power Seller level financial contributor (I need the mailbox space that comes with this level, as I get so many PMs). The admin took into account my request based on my (private) reason for the request, and it was granted for this reason. PLEASE do not take this as an open invite for everyone to tweak their name - the admin do not have the resources to do this! I did not mean to start a trend, here, only to fix a problem I had faced due to the old name.

Originally Posted by tetranewbie View Post
Hey DK, I just saw this quote and thought of you! Figured you might like it!

Thomas A. Edison - "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."
Oh, yeah, I SO identify with this!!! Thank you! Mebbe there is a bit of Edison in me...

Do you think Edison would have been featured on Hoarders??

Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
awsome dk hehe yeah that was my daughters handy work on the fridge lol
Bet she's as cute as her artwork! Haliween!

Originally Posted by Drink_soy_sauce View Post
To get even more off topic...i too have a shepherd mix. She's not quite beagle size but she's around 30 pounds. By the way, this thread is awesome!
YES!! YES!! Like that! LOL, it looks like you picked her off the shelf to buy, in that pic with the new outfit! Where can I get one??


IN OTHER NEWS: - DK is seriously considering investing in the item, below. Anyone know what its intended purpose is? Of course, DK will not be using it for its intended purpose...


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