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Originally Posted by Studman0143 View Post
Where did you get that DW found on the left side of your tank. That think is awesome looking!
I got it from aquabid a long time ago when I first made this tank. To be honest I never fully wrapped my head around the whole planted tank thing until recently (I was a newb lol). There was a slew of problems that I couldn't comprehend (no ferts, actinic lighting, no wc) and I eventually hung up the reigns until recently.

The UV sterilizer is working, now I just have slightly cloudy water.

I have since added a few more tiny stones to pull everything together a little more, I feel like I was lacking on the left side with that lone wolf.

As I promised, here are some pics as of today! (Excuse the photography, cloudy water is a pain)

Also as a side-not for anyone attempting the c02 rig like mine: don't put needle valves in parallel. I nearly blew out my ear (twice!) from this and found it more simple to just have the single needle valve from the On/Off ASA.

Thanks for looking!
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