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So fast forward into the new year after losing most of the parents, my tank started to break in. The f1 babies grew out and are showing more color than their parents. Some can range from a full head to tail sky blue and the regular rili with blue in the clear parts. I'm hoping as time goes on and babies are born that the color deepens. As of now the f1s are starting to pump out f2s . Right now I have 3+ mothers, ones about the release her clutch while the other 2 have a while until they are ready.

Tank wise much hasn't changed besides the moss growing out and the brood getting bigger. I temporaily moved the shrimp into my 10g with the bee shrimp that I got a few days ago. Equipment wise I ditched running the inline filter and add a marina s15 instead. I also added an airstone and pump to keep the water aerated, wouldn't help to have more O2 in the water would it? Originally I was going to seed the marina and move the mini canister to the 10g to run an inline again. Then I realized that this tank would be susceptible to nitrates so I just left it in. Anyway, I felt the other filter could be used for something more productive than wasting it so I put it on my 10g thats been up and running. With all the talk about UGF so I took the plunge more on that later.

excuse the glass haven't cleaned the tank in a while

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