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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
LOL it's like a toxic gas cloud of ALGAE!!!
Lol I was trying to go for that look.
Originally Posted by skindy View Post
I loveee the hair algae. It looks so fluffy - I kind of want to run my fingers through it, haha! Beautiful!
But it's very coarse and slippery. Thanks!
Originally Posted by ferretowner96 View Post
I have more of that stuff if you want it! I had a 55 gallon with and boy did it grow fast! I do like the looks of it. the shrimp oughta like that!
Lol. Thanks. Yeah, the shrimp are constantly swimming in and out of the "toxic gas cloud".
Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Looks like a scene from "The Mist". Hair algae in that amount looks CRAZY out of the water. I never knew they would have cotton candy consistency.

Will you get another heater for the tank? Maybe one of those reptile ones that you can rest the tank on?
Lol I wish it was cotton candy so I could eat it. As for another heater, I am probably not gonna be adding a new one. The room temperature stays in the lower 70's during the day and the light over the tank bumps the temp up maybe a degree or two up. Also the desk the tank is on sits right next to a heater for those really cold days. Besides, from what I've read, fluctuating temperatures might help them get into a breeding mood.

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