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Originally Posted by endgin28 View Post
@ salmonmcloud yeah tough week for sure. Hopefully drama free next week.

@cheifroastbeef The slope trick I used was to put the substrate down in layers and in each layer put toothpicks down parallel to the front tank. I put the hard scape down after the second layer. As I built the slope up, more toothpicks went in. Once got to the upper layers, I started to add diagonal and vertical picks to support the horizontal ones. This is the first time trying this method, but it makes sense that it would act like rebar in concrete, supporting the slope. In the longer term I don't know what will happen, but it certainly seems like a better way to go than just dumping it in and hoping it doesn't collapse. I know on "radical" slopes that using egg crate or bags of gravel works, but in this small space 8x9 I wanted to keep it simple.
Ah, thanks for the reply! That is an interesting method, will definitely think about that.
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