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Tough week

So it has been a long week in a few different ways, not all good. I was screwing around with the glass top and did not seal the tank up properly. I had a fairly large amount of HC brown out on me, most likely due to low humidity in the emersed phase. Got it resealed, but it definitely set me back a bit.

Then I started to do some prep work involving moving the fluval 306 into my stand under the cube, in preparation for moving the Eheim 2026 into position to dunk the Gate. As I was moving the inline heater on to the 306 from the 2026 when the dull utility knife I was using decided to it would fun to jump into my right thumb. I had never actually seen my knuckle before, let me tell you, it is not something I wish to see again. Some skillful nursing on the part of my lovely wife Amy prevented a trip to the emergency room. However this meant that I had two filters that needed to get hooked up pronto, one handed, as I really did not want the bio filters to crash on me. So I started to left hand my way through the mess. I figured out right at the end that I would barely not have enough tubing to keep the 2026 hooked up to the cube, and decided to just get it hooked up to the prepped system on the Black Gate. This meant dunking time.

Once I got the kinks worked out on the cube, I dragged the 2026 upstairs and got to work hooking up the filter into the lily-reactor-heater complex. This actually wasn't too bad as I had preset the tubing to "train it" into position for mounting to the 2026. Then I fill the Gate up, after filling with wadded up newspaper to minimise dust and so on. This went smoothly until I figured out that I had hooked up the Ista reactor backwards. By now my hand is throbbing nonstop and I am ready to pull my hair out. So I drain the lines and get the reactor on the right way, get the hose clamps locked down and it's up and running. The Ista took a little work to get sealed up-if you use on of these be sure to have hose clamps on hand.

Of course, just to make me really happy my bubble counter blew a healthy amount of mineral oil into the reactor and tank to ensure the surface looked like the gulf a few years ago. Cleaned it up with paper towels and plan run a pretty aggressive WC program this week anyways.

The obsidian looks VERY different under water, almost translucent gray. The Belem looks great, but my HC looks horrible due to the drying out. I plan on doing some trimming/replanting today and I may take a few shots of the tank. The slope stayed in place nicely and that is a small victory.

Just to top off what was a pretty tough week, when I reset the heater on the cube the heater some how got set to maximum. When I came home the next night I found that their were four dead Espei's and one dead cardinal on the bottom. First I checked the CO2 which was in the green, then I checked the water which was HOT. I took a quick temp and it was 104! The heater in conjunction with the 150 watt metal halide was cooking the tank. I did a quick cold water change and got it back into shape without any additional fatalities or injuries. (miracle- fish normally don't like 30+ degree water swings in minutes)

Any ways just thought I would share my drama. A lot of serious mistakes this week and it will take a while to sort them out, but the projects continue.
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