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sKindy's 10g Color Theory tank

This was (and still is) my first planted tank. It's about ... almost a year old now and has gone under a lot of changes as I learn more and more. My whole concept for this tank was to make it represent who I am and what I like, color-wise.

Latest Shot: 03.03.12


Tank: Standard 10g
Filter: Tetra Whisper PF10
Lighting: OEM 15watt hood lighting
Substrate: Floramax
  • Rotala macrandra
  • Water Wisteria
  • Ludwigia repens
  • Limnophila aromatica
  • Anubias barteri
  • Nymphoides aquatica
  • (2) Fancy Goldfish - Naruto & Sasuke
  • Black Apple Snail - Gary
Decor: River rocks, Squidward's House :P
Don't mind the blue mesh over the filter. Sasuke, the smaller goldfish, likes to swim under the sucking part of the filter (he's actually the one next to it in the pictures) and he's gotten sucked twice already. I've covered it for now until I figure out what to really do about it and my suicidal goldfish.

I really need to re-position a lot of things but I was so excited about my new plants I just wanted to get them in there. Right now the color balance is great and it's definitely relaxing but I'd like to move a few things. I'll wait until my tongs get delivered! The R. macrandra is the only plant I'm worried about. I consider it my "advanced" plant since it's a bit hard to care for. Hopefully I do a good job. Thank you, OVT, for the plants! They're amazing and so are you!

Just for kicks, here is a shot of the tank right after I took some of the plants out and right before changing everything up. I know, SCARY!

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