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So far I am very happy with the g6, if I was only thinking about this tank, the g3 would have been plenty, but I have plans for bigger in the future. I REALLY like the measurements it keeps and graphs, I can see when I should do a PWC by the total dissolved solids, when it creeps up, I do a pwc, then there is a sharp drop and you start to see the gradual increase again... I can dial my temp down to .1 now instead of within a few degrees, and I can tell my Hydor is doing a good job based on the graph and no fluctuations... Also, it tells me when my flow is decreased so I know it's time to clean the mechanical filter.... It makes my jobs very easy to keep track of... Yes I really think its worth the price... Only weird thing is the constant buildup of bubbles inside the filter, maybe due to cavitation or possibly a slight air suck, but every ten minutes or so I have a bubble spurt from the output which is a little annoying... Still looking into that one... That's my only complaint so far...
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