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Another down vote for Aquatropics, the sales guys are jerks. When I first got into the hobby there were parts of the nitrogen cycle that baffled me. I went there and asked them about my high nitrates and they tried selling me a penguin biowheel filter. They claimed I didn't have a good bacteria colony in my filter. That did not sound right to me but they were pushy and derogatory, saying I didn't care about my fish. I left, did some research and found the only way to bring down nitrate levels was to do water changes. If they would not have been pushy and derogatory about my fish care I may have gone back.

Aqualand is my favorite. I haven't been there in a while but the owners are friendly. They have a good fish selection and unlike all the other places I have been they enjoy talking about the hobby, just talking about anything and everything, not selling.

World of fish, is okay, a lot of people really seam to like them, I suspect they are a better salt water shop then freshwater. An employee accidentally double charged my account which caused my checking account to bounce and the owner was ... an a-hole, only offered a sorry which wasn't even sympathetic. Because of the way he just shoved me off I suspect he is that way all the time so I don't do business there anymore.

Sea Level is a good shop, employes are nice and enjoy talking about their fish even if you don't plan on buying anything.

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