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Alright well I think that this will be easier than I thought. I just did a quick proof of concept here.

Here are my starting materials:

Attached L-bracket to a straight bracket. It is tight but the angle is adjustable

I am going to drill holes in the square tube and then screw the brackets to that.

For now I am just duct taping it to see how it works.

Attached together

rotated to adjust the angle of the LEDS

Duct taped to my light fixture (again temporary)

I will screw it into the side of the fixture. There is enough room on the ends to allow for a nut and screw. The whole unit is very light weight so it shouldn't put too much stress on the plastic.

Close up of the angle of the bar

example with 60 degree optics

I may bring the brackets out a bit more to limit light hitting the top of the fixture. I think I will paint the whole thing black so that it blends in with the fixture.

So it is almost ready for the LEDs!

This is a super easy retrofit, it is light weight and cheap ~ $15 in materials.
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