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Got some great Bacopa monnieri from the SnS a couple weeks ago and it's growing in quite nicely as a background plant. Think it's going to easily grow out the top of the tank, which would be a welcome sight in my opinion.

A couple shots (note: the images are hosted on my own server and we're doing upgrades this weekend, so have patience if they disappear for a bit):

To the left in that first picture, you'll see some rigid plastic tubing. Had originally hoped to use lily pipes on this tank but work keeps getting in the way of ordering and making it happen. It's also tough to locate pipes that will work for a tank with these dimensions that don't cost $125. So I plan on trying to use a dremel to craft a spray bar and intake from the rigid tubing (also have clear hose from the HD). Anyone had success making their own spray bars? Just can't stomach the ugly green Eheim garb in a tank I've spent so much time trying to make beautiful.

A few friends have been over to check the tank out the past few days and they're all giving me grief over having a 10lb CO2 cylinder just for this tank. Overkill? Maybe.

Still toying with the lighting. Not sure what to do. Leave all three lights on? Just use two? Use two and have the third as a mid-day burst?

Thanks for following me on this latest tank nerd journey.

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