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I'm sure some of you have one of these things, and I even have one myself. I got it sometime ago, but I have only used it a couple of times. I have to say, its very convenient and works as advertised.

Now you may ask why I have only used it a couple times. The reason is, I'm concerned about the way you are forced to treat the replacement water. i.e. Before, during, or after the new water is added to your tank. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing, but it concerns me about how effective your water treatment of choice is when using it this way. It seems to me that the water treatment would be greatly diluted when mixing it with the old and new water at the same time, perhaps reducing its effectiveness.

Maybe I'm all wet here, but what do you think about this? For those who use this product, how do you treat your water during a water change?

I would really like to use this product, but I need some reassurance that its safe to do so.
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