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Originally Posted by ItsDubC View Post
Usually when Marsilea species are grown submersed, their leaves take on a single rounded shape. I only see one of those. If that plant is truly submersed-grown and has been for a while, then it may be M. quadrifolia based on the fact that most of the leaves are still clover-like. That being said, are you supplementing CO2 at all?

It looks too tall to be M. minuta (at least based on my experience), but I'm not familiar w/ the Ebi lighting setup.
Thanks for the info. I got this from someone who has had it growing in the tank a bit now. I'm thinking it may be quadrifolia then. I'm just posing excel? Is that not enough?

Originally Posted by DesmondTheMoonBear View Post
Nice!! Here's my EBI, It's only been up for about a month. It's got some moss, ferns, anubias, floaters, a load of cherry shrimp, some CRS/CBS, and an oto. Still letting things fill out before I do a real scape.
I like it. I want to make my tank more jungly and lush. Are you fertilizing? What's your routine like?

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