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Originally Posted by thefisherman View Post
thanks talon, xenxes i'm happy to hear the plants are settling in your tank... i've been following your nano thread; would love to see your 20L progress as well.
Had a disaster in the 20g with the soil I used. Apparently it has more manure composition than MGOPS, and other additives (I used the mositure control one) -- causing odd nitrite spikes every now and then as they leech out into the water. Lost a couple otos / relocated the rest.

On the bright side, the plants are skyrocketing with no C02 injection and stock/recycled lighting.

Here's a FTS when I planted (top) and yesterday (bottom):

Limnophila Repens Mini & Green Cabomba shot up like weeds. One of the Aromatica / Star Repens (?) with dark purple leaves got uprooted today by that pesky 1.5" long MTS which I relocated. I thought it wasn't getting much growth but got to take a look at the new root structure, multiple new roots going 1"+ long! It'll probably settle in a shoot up soon. The coloration isn't lost in the 2nd shot, I just planted it lower and you can't see under the leaves. I'll take some closer shots as they grow out a bit more.

Only plant dying is my emersed xmas moss I found on evilbay :/
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