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It seems we have had a lot of good LFSs come and go in the Philadelphia area. We have been kind of lucky in that there does always seem to be a few good stores around.

I see a couple of others remember Martin's too. For me it was a store that was in business a long time, but over the years it would cycle back and fourth from very good to really bad. My last visit was after they got involved selling large parrots and kerosene heaters. They had the bird cages down the middle of the aisles between the tanks, and there was bird droppings all over the floor. That was about the most yucky experience I ever had visiting a LFS, and I never went back.

As for Captain Nemo's, I am sorry to see it go. We really don't need another Pet's Plus.

As I see it, the locally owned stores are really in a bind. It's very tough to compete with internet prices on equipment, and unless you have a large established store, you can't easily have the sort of livestock the more advanced hobbyist wants.
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