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Originally Posted by mobile View Post
Sorry for resurrecting a really old post, but I have a question about overdriving PL (2G11) lamps. For starters, has anyone tried to overdrive this lamp type? Secondly, here is the ballast I have:, but I can't quite figure out how to connect the two outputs to a single lamp. Any help would be much appreciated.
The wiring diagram on page 6 of the PDF, shows how to wire two PL lamps.

Many years ago, when power compact lamps were newish, several marine tank supply companies sold fixtures using standard four tube 32 ~40 watt ballasts wired to one PLL socket. Those were considered and sold as 65 watt ballasts. I've opened up a couple to install new waterproof end cap & cord assemblies.
I used some running 55 watt GE 9325 lamps on freshwater tanks. I noticed no difference between them and standard off the shelf 65 watt ballasts running the same lamps. Sorry, but I didn't even know what PAR was then so I've no data. is offline  
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