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Originally Posted by moonwasaloon View Post
Pets Plus = Bad News

The best thing about captain nemos was that it was owned by the original owner of Martins Aquarium. ( My dad worked at Martins for 5 years in the late 70's) I believe Pets Plus bought them awhile ago.

I was at captain nemos today and they remodeled the whole place, it is now 50 percent other animal stuff. It's no longer a fish store. , and their plant stock was just awful. They had Anubias nana for 6.99 with only three or four leaves. Anubias nana petite with only about 6 leaves for 6.99. Their Java Fern was all black.

For RCS, it was 3.99 a piece!

I will never go there again, what a waste of time. It's a shame...
I second that...I won't be going back for at least a few months. They basically destroyed the fish section. It no longer has that WOW...this place is cool....mentality. Now it's just walls of tanks with sick fish in about 75% of the tanks. The plant section was horrid. Most plants were not even labeled in their correct spots and when you actually found a plant that was still alive, you saw the price tag and changed your mind instantly. A lot of their plants were just kinda floating in the tanks instead of being weighted down which caused some of the leaves to be all dried up and dead.
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