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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post

i bet between those of us on here, we have enough stock to open our own quality lfs!!!LOL
That's for sure. I've considered it at one point when I had my fish rack running with about 10 different strains of fish. I was like....I have more quality fish than most petstores right now. I even have tanks, pumps, heaters, etc for sale all the time so it pretty much is like running a fish store out of my basement.

I have this place near me called Art's Animals and they have a tiny little fish section with about 30 tanks, but only 15 of them would be filled at a time. But I was thinking to myself...if they actually painted the walls, painted all their tank backgrounds blue or black and threw in some good looking fish, they would be doing way more business. People who run stores like that forget sometimes that looks play an important role in a sale. Whenever I browse through that store I'm thinking..."Do I really want to buy fish from this crapwhole? It looks like they don't even care what this place looks like."
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