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Originally Posted by ucantimagine View Post
I do plan on getting very nice quality shrimp. No muddies. lol Luckily, we have an excellent selection around here. I'm not absolutely set on Cherries, but I won't be starting with pricey shrimp. That just doesn't sound like a good plan. I'll see how it all goes. This is a completely new type of system for me so there will be much learning involved and a few road bumps I'm sure.
Any of the neocaridina shrimps would be a good place to start. You almost never see any variety of neo for more than $5 each, and for that price you can get excellent shrimps in your color of choice, with only a few more expensive exceptions. Don't just limit yourself to what is available in your area though. You will always get higher quality and a better price from other forum members in the swap n shop. This comes with the benefit that you also get the knowledge and experience of the person you buy from regarding the specific shrimp you purchased, should you have any questions or need help later.

I even have duckweed in my water bong!
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