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And so it has begun...

March 8th
So far I have 10 Amanos, 12 Fire Red adults and a bunch of babies and 4 Nerites. I really want some Otos.


Jan 31st
I just started purchasing stuff for my first shrimp tank. It took me a good half hour to pull the trigger. lol "Do I reallllly wanna do this?" I don't want to have to re-do anything, that just wastes money. So hopefully, I make the right decisions the first time with help from all our generous TPT Gurus.

I'm planning a 20 long tank which will house RCS until I feel ready to handle more challenging types. I'm going with the Eheim 2212 and a Mattenfilter instead of a UGF and/or sponge filter. I like having access to the filter mechanism in case something goes wrong. Also I can hide stuff behind the foam wall, and it makes a good smorgasboard for the shrimpies, so that's pretty cool.

Substrate - Akadama even though I scoured the net for a cheaper alternative. I didn't see anything that was worth the risk of failure. Like I said, I don't want to have to buy anything twice.

Portable RO unit from [Ebay Link Removed] << that's weird, I didn't post a link of any kind. Apartment living has it's limits but it should get the job done.

Mosura Mineral Plus. I figure I may as well get used to paying for the good stuff so I don't have sticker shock later. lol Hopefully the Ultra formula lasts longer than the original formula.

I'm in no rush to get the shrimp. I want to get everything nice and mature and get my scaping together before I move the critters in.

Testing - pH, gH, kH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate - all liquid API tests and a handheld TDS meter by HM Digital. Do these work? Am I missing any tests?

For lighting, I already have a 24" 48W T5.

I'm going to use a clip-on fan and a programmable outlet thermostat to keep the water from getting too warm. These are on amazon for around $40. (The thermostat)

Other than food and shelter, am I missing anything? I'll get a large Satellite Breeding Box when the time comes. They look very cool for selective breeding. I already have an air pump which you use in conjunction with the Mattefilter...I think?? I looked at a couple very detailed tutorials, but I'm still kinda clueless about it. lol

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