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Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
No pic above me!

Here's a few... I do animal portrait photography sometimes...

I wish the focal point on the mouse was more to the flurry side, his nose/face, but I keep finding myself drawn to his huge rubbery furless tail, sucking all the cuteness out of it. The table cloth with the many thin horizontal stripes also feels very busy, but at the same time I really like the contrast with the subject.

Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
And weddings sometimes too.

In the second photo I find that the focal point is also a little off. Initially I'm drawn to the bouquet and the hands, the well manicured fingernails, and the rings -- loyalty, fidelity, purity -- but then my eyes wander to her revealing cleavage and dark prominent bust line, and the image shatters. Should have rotated the bouquet counterclockwise about 3 degrees. However I like the overall image and the blurring of the back, has a very nostalgic feel to it.

Here's one I took of my 20g long from the top-down. Several things wrong with it but I'll wait for a critique

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