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New 120 gallon display - Williamsonaaron (Pic Heavy)

Hi All -

I've completed my build for the new 120 gallon planted community tank. this build took a fair bit longer than the previous 80 gallon with 3d background because I decided to try something different than the standard set up for 3D backgrounds. I went for more of a framed effect which I thought would be more interesting and also I wanted to preserve the amount of swimming space for my large rainbowfish(who are the reason for the move).

Flora and Fauna lists at the bottom of post.

120 gallon tank

2 X 2217 Eheim filters.

double strip from perfecto
coming soon T5 HO 4X54Watt.

Underwater Lighting
Hydor LED Submersibles.

Hydor 300W inline heater.

Substrate - Black diamond

Background & Hardscape
Malawi rock Cut into 45* degree portions.
Cut out rock pieces for bottom from the Malawi background.
couple small pieces of malasian driftwood
Local piece of driftwood screwed onto a piece of slate.

Now for the Pictures.

The Tank

Rock cut out to hide an underwater light.

Another rock cut out - this will go right against the back on the left hand side to add some depth and won't hold an under water light.

Right hand side cut out

Left Hand side cut out

Underwater light and on the right is my venting to allow water behind the right hand background for the filter return.

I black out the white of the styrofoam at the joints using black silicon this does wonders for appearance and having seamless joints.

The next three are the basic build up of adding the pieces one by one.

Underwater lighting.. I will update with a better pic -I just took this quickly.

Siliconing pieces in

With substrate after silicone dries.

First pictures with plants and fish. Sorry about the reflections I will work up some better pics of the tank and of the inhabitants tonight/tomorrow.

4X Crypt Parva
2X Crypt undulata
2X Crypt lutea
1X hydrophilia sp.
4X Rotala magenta
3X java fern.
3X Java fern sp.(has crinkle top)
2X baby tears
3X Red swords
want to add.


13 Cardinal tetras -gonna add atleast another 15 or 20.
8 assorted rainbowfish.
12 emerald green corries
pair of Rams
12 cherry shrimp.
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